Colleen Falletta

Office Administrator / Manager

Colleen has been part of the CWM team since August of 2016.  She has a background in education, administration, and management.  After starting out majoring in elementary education, Colleen finished up with a business management degree and a minor in economics.  She met her husband Chris at an evening Statistics class at CSULA.  (They’re still trying to figure out the statistics / probability of that!)

Colleen worked as a manager in several different industries through the years, including banking, cable TV, and city government.  While blessed with the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom, she enjoyed doing quite a bit of volunteer work, and she also home-schooled her daughter for 8 years before returning to the workforce.

In her spare time, Colleen enjoys reading, writing, spending time with family & friends, taking walks, and playing with their rescue animals, which include the “world’s sweetest” dog, two very goofy cats (who think they are dogs), and a California desert tortoise (who sleeps half the year)!