Retirement Planning

There are three distinct phases of retirement planning. All of them require decisions that affect your retirement, some irreversible. Our job is to help you successfully navigate through the decisions you must make so you can enjoy the retirement you envisioned.

Pre-Retirement — This takes place during your working years or the ‘accumulation years’. The decisions that are made during this stage will largely determine how much income you have available when you retire.

Transition to Retirement — This takes place in a relatively short period of time. The decisions made here could easily mean the difference between success and hardship during your port- retirement years.

Retirement Itself— This is when you get to enjoy the rewards of the previous phases. But the decision here will affect your ability to continue the lifestyle you’ve worked and planned so carefully to establish.

We assist you in designing and implementing retirement income strategies to provide consistency in reaching the objective, many times that means a predictable and sustainable income stream for as long as you live.